Photo by Fred Bivins

A Graduate of The Banff Centre, School of Fine Arts John A C Despres has been designing scenery for theatre, film, video and corporate events for 25 years. His recent move to sculpture naturally follows and compliments his scenic design career. As owner of Scene It All Productions, Mr Despres produces scenery and sculpture in his Grand Rapids studio. He is currently the Art Director for the West Michigan television production, Come On Over. He is also adjunct faculty in the Aquinas Theatre Department.

Mr. Despres’ most recent public work, “Source” went on display at the East Grand Rapids Community Center in August 2006. In addition to several other public works, he was recently chosen to create a mobile for The Rapid  Central Station in Grand Rapids as part of the Art In Transit project.

Other accomplishments include the Jollybrook Award for a sculpture in the Festival 2005 Regional Art Exhibit, the “Look Up” exhibit at the Imagerie Gallery and the “Firehouse Collection” exhibit at the EGR Firehouse Grill.

His works are on display at Imagerie Gallery, 910 Cherry Street, Grand Rapids or in his studio by appointment.

From John:

What I like to call found or discovered art is the glue that holds a community together in that it reflects the standards of the people and their way of life. Art compliments life and softens the edges of day-to-day routines whether that art is at home, in the office or on public display. 

Our environment is filled with that which is necessary to keep our lives in order. This linear order and structure needs the benefits of the beautiful and provocative. Art we may search out or stumble across provides a pause in the day. 

Art chosen for our private lives is a true reflection of our personal tastes. Pieces of art found in public spaces are the jewels in the crown of our community. These provide surprise, pleasure, or controversy, and hopefully inspire thought.

Whether it’s sculpture or scenery, three dimensional work is what I do. My medium is empty space, and creatively filling that space is both challenging and exciting.

Please enjoy the web site. If you have any questions or comments, you may reach John by email below.

John's works are regularly available at

Richard App Gallery

910 Cherry SE

Grand Rapids MI 49503

and can be reached by cell phone by dialing (616) 437-9182